Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lucy lambed April 8th

 While I was home from work feeling under the weather with a 24hr. bug Lucy delivered this beautiful little ewe.  She is cute!
Look at that uniform crimpy fleece.  This is what we have been working for the last couple of years and it is really showing up in our lambs.  This little ewes Sire is Luxor, who's micron information I do not have handy, but he is also a fine fleeced scurred ram.
 These are some of our lambs who figured out how to get out & MUST play on the round bales.
They all aspire to be like the brown crossbred lamb on top of the bale who is 1 month old.
Right now we have 36 lambs born(16 are crossbred) and four ewes to go.  Can't wait until it drys out a bit to get some outside pics.

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