Sunday, April 12, 2015

Audrey delivered twins today

 When I went out this morning I knew Audrey would have something new for us, late last evening she was digging quite a hole in the barn.  This gorgeous little guy is who she claims.
She also delivered a nice little ewe, but she didn't want it and was quite brutal about it.  Earlier in the season a friend has called wanting to ask that if we had any bottle babies they would be interested in them.  They were hoping to have some small tame sheep that they could use when they have events and there would be lots of 'hands-on' by children.  At the time I didn't think I would have any because the shetlands are such good mothers and I've only ever had to supplement lambs born to older ewes.
Well, right now I am supplementing two of the crossbred lambs and didn't want to take on a full time brand new bottle after a little thought.....I have over sixteen purebred shetland lambs.  I picked up the phone to call and say, Hey, I've got a lamb for you!  So I know she will have a good home and good life with an experience shepherd. 
...what caused the dislike for her lamb?  Here again I summarize that the little ewe was the first born, became separated and Mom delivered the second lamb in a different location.  After delivering the second she focused all her attention on him and wouldn't accept the little ewe as several hours had passed.  Here again, last night I should have jugged her and didn't.  But I am good with the outcome for everyone.

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