Saturday, October 1, 2016

Festival Season

Festival season began the end of August, I had really good intentions to
post about all those events as we charged through them.
Mostly forgetting my camera to snap a few pictures
and tell you about what's been going on.
Sooo, I will update you today what we are doing.
I've posted a picture of my ewe lambs and a few adults that haven't been 
put into a breeding group yet.

I thought I would let them out and enjoy some of the nice grass that we have now with the rain
that we have been getting.
 Close up of two adults that seem to have gotten their belly's full
and are enjoying their surroundings.
 A few more girls that haven't made it in with their beau yet.

Aghhh.  the telephone call I've been waiting on.
must go now to set up for another event that I will post later this evening.

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