Saturday, October 1, 2016

Breeding groups and Stark County Farm Bureau, "Drive it yourself tour"

 ...Continuing my post.  
We have set up our breeding groups already.  Soon the ewes will begin to cycle 
and we are hoping to get them bred on their first heat cycles.
Hoping for earlier lambs.

Above is Mateo on the left. He is a 2yr old ram that has a wonderful temperment.
Recently his micron was tested.  He has a 24.6 micron average and 91.1% comfort factor.
He is for sale and will be available mid-November.
He is a fawn katmoget.
Above, is the ram off to the left lying down, a Cape Flecket.  He was a new addition to our 
flock this year.  He has been given a large amount of shetland ewes that have or carry 
spots.  We are hoping to bring his pattern out using these girls.
 These are some of my shetlands that I am crossbreeding this year
to my new ram, a border cheviot, shown off to the right.
 This girls are all fine fleeced.  The black ram I am using was a lamb that I kept back from last years
lambs, after losing my Whistlestop ram from an injury with another ram 2years ago.
I love the jet black color and he has it, so we are hoping for more jet black and 
scurred or polled lambs.
This is Apollo, another fine fleeced ram who has spotting and I believe modified.
I've put him with my mioget, left back and her grandmother, right back a moorit.
Royal, white ram in front has been given seven fine fleeces ewes.  Still hoping for some more white in my flock.  I have a total of three white ewes now, but still working on getting a finer white.

So, of course in my rush out the door earlier I forgot my camera...again.
Sunday, October 2nd I will be a part of the 
Stark County Farm Bureau, "Drive it yourself tour"
you can find flyer here. 
I will be set up at Red Star Veterinary Clinic with shetland lambs and 
a full booth of items for sale.

I will also have shetland lambs on display at Pero Dairy Farm.
They will have a lamb sitter with them during the tour.

It looks like it is going to be a nice day on Sunday, so stop by and 
see us!


  1. Wow, you're going to have a big lamb crop next spring! Looks like lots of promising crosses. I need to go out and put Blake and his two ladies in the Ram-ada Inn lot today....

  2. Yes, more than I intended but I couldn't resist since I have two of those rams for sale. Also will have shetland lambs to offer for sale next spring.