Tuesday, April 22, 2014


UGH.....I have had computer problems!!  It's time for an upgrade!
Chloe delivered these tiny katmoget twins Monday, April 14th a ram and ewe lamb.  Both look to have nice fleeces, I would say fawn in color.  As you can see I accidentally tried the 'movie' mode on my camera and
right now it is looks like I've got it in some sort of loop....crazy, guess I need to play around with my
camera a little more too.
Chloe http://www.mtn-niche.net/NASSA/nassa_pedigree.php?pregno=S35376
Bred to Grand Luxe  http://www.mtn-niche.net/NASSA/nassa_pedigree.php?pregno=S34244

Now that the computer is working I will get a tally on my total count in my next post and
hopefully some lamb action pictures......we will try.!

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