Friday, April 11, 2014


Lacy delivered these two ewe lambs last evening.
Bred to Grand Luxe:
I plan to keep both of these girls, as I have a limited amount of black ewes and hope to put these to my Black whistlestop ram in the future.

  I have had several ewes deliver between my last post and today, but all were crossbred and I just didn't get pics. of them all.  Thank goodness for lamb tags!  I've found that to be the most important task to do immediately and keep a written record.
It's much easier to review a sheet of paper for statistics many lambs born, how many ewes delivered, how many ram lambs, how many ewe lambs.....much easier than trying to count a bunch of bouncing lambs in our 'nursery'.
We have two ewes yet to deliver that will give us our final shetland lambs for this season.  Can wait. 


  1. That's one nice thing about having a very small flock. I don't have to worry about tags for quite awhile, because I can keep my few straight. ;-)

  2. I remember those days! I'm up to hmmm.... about 40 ewes right now, most getting cross bred for market lambs, but there are always a few I want to keep!
    Then of course I have the pure breds that I want to keep.
    Some tough decisions will have to be made this year.