Monday, March 24, 2014

Lialac does it again!

Lialac has done it again for three years now, she has had triplets!  Lialac is the white ewe, with her three speckled lambs around her.  The two in the front with the (i think) yuglet markings on their faces and in the back is a spotted ram lamb (i don't know if he is considered blaget?).
Someone with more experience in the Markings of Shetland can let me know about that.
was bred with Sheltering Pines Grand Luxe

Now how sweet are these guys?? I mean girls and guy!
These are the ewes.

This is the little spotted guy on the right and one of his sisters on the left.  This little ram will have horns, as they are already protruding from his head.

and this is the other little ewe.  Not certain on her markings either.
Anyone who follows and knows, please let me know!

Many more ewes to deliver, but I think we are a few days out on the others.....hopefully they will wait until the weekend.

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  1. Now those are flashy lambs! No help here on the marking names since I've had minimal spotting here; I'd call the one ewe lamb HST but that's not "official."