Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wool for socks!

OK.................forget the background clutter.  The house is a mess, it's been several weeks in a row of festivals to attends, 'work' to go to and sheep records to look over (in my red notebook).
I am finally  getting wool sent out to the processors to have socks made.  This project has taken much longer than I anticipated.  I have eight Shetland crossbred ewes' fleeces that I've had to tip to meet the requirements for the yarn to be spun for these socks.
I have 16 pounds of washed white wool mashed into the plastic vacuum bag shown above.  This was quite the feat.  Getting that bag of wool into the box shown below it. 
We did manage to get it in, by vacuuming the air out of the bag and pushing it down into the box.  The minor problem was that I could hear the bag taking in air...a leak!  I only had one bag and this had to do!
As I prepared my letter and payment to go into the box, we watched the  bag grow out of the box.......so, again we went through the process of sucking the air out with the vacuum and quickly attaching the letter and payment inside.  Then, while my husband wrestled the box closed, I grabbed the packaging tape.  Ripping large strips of tape and pressing across the top of the box and down the sides.  As we turned the box onto it's side to encase it in another layer of tape, the first couple of tape strips began to pop off.  I knew this was not going to work.......the packaging tape was just not strong enough!
....and that darn bag was taking on air! as the box was beginning to bulge across the top and sides.
HOLD IT! I told my husband, let me find the duct tape......off to the garage I go. 
Back for a third try, with the red duck tape.  Again, we vacuum out the air, push the bag back into the box....quickly close the bag....quickly grab the tape and start wrapping the box with tape.  Three strips across the top and all the way around, then three strips from the side and and all the way around.
....the box still bulging, we decide to have breakfast and wait a while to make sure that the box is not going to explode. 
Several hours later, the package is still holding together.  Delivered to the post office and en route to Conneticut. 

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