Monday, October 14, 2013

2013 Algonquin Mill Festival

Another Great year for the ALGONQUIN MILL FESTIVAL!!
This is the third year in a row that we have had fantastic weather for our festival and the attendance was great too.
Got to meet some really nice folks again this year, which is always a pleasure to visit and talk knitting or sheep.....or just time when you remember your 'Grandma used to do that'.
...those that I spoke with about shetland sheep and are interested in some ewes that I have available, please contact me soon as we will be putting the breeding groups together real soon and if you didn't want them bred I will need to know soon.

Now some pictures with my new I am still figuring it out.  Tried out the 'sepia' setting too, pretty cool.....

Above two pics. are of some shetland ram lambs that participated in the festival.

Scott and Kathy making a delicous meal for all the spinners and weavers demonstrating.

Beautiful Fall day at the Festival.

Our spinners cabin, with dye pots in the front.

Bob working on a needle felting project.

Emma tending to the dye pots.

Lynn working on some quilting.

Brenda working the great wheel, Julie and Kathy running sock machines.

Jo and Kate spinning in the spinners cabin.

Ann taking care of sales.

Many more guild members participated to make this a successfull event, but I was not able to get out and get everyone's picture. we close festival year 2013 we can call it a SUCCESS and can only hope for next year to be as good.

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  1. There's nothing like sepia to make your photos instant antiques! Love 'em!