Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fleece / Skein results

This year I entered a fleece from Harvest Thyme Autum Thyme, she has a very crimpy soft fleece.  I entered her fleece into the fine fleece competition and she took first place in the natural color division.  I am very happy to have Autum Thyme, she came into my flock this past fall and she gave us a grey single ewe lamb this spring that has an awesome fleece too. 

This year I decided to also enter a skein in the skein competition, I haven't in the past, but I thought that I would support the local competition.  My skein is under the red 2nd place ribbon, I chose to try my hand at a fine 2ply yarn.  I spun a few ounces from one of my finest fleeced ewes, the skein came out wonderful, the judge liked it too but chose the green spun skein over it because it was a blend of silk, wool and seacell, which she felt would have been harder to spin and keep a consistent yarn.

We have had great weather for this Fiber Show, a good crowd too.  Hope to get a few more pictures tomorrow.

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  1. Congratulations on your fantastic results; I hope you've told Kristi!