Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sheep coats'n Sheep

This evening after turning the ewes out to pasture I decided to 
throw the sheep coats in some soapy water and let them soak away 
the soil and lanolin.
So thirty-seven sheep coats will be soaking for a few days until
I have time to scrub them.  I prefer to clean them by hand
outside using dawn dish soap and a garden hose.
Last year I invested in more coats to get all of the adult sheep covered.
Although I will need to take count again and purchase a few 
additional coats to make sure I have adequate sizes to 
cover everyone.  
When we went to our accountant this past year to do our farm taxes
and the accountant asked, "sheep coats"?  Do they get cold?
I then had to explain the whole purpose of why the sheep wear coats.
Not because they get cold....because those coats keep their fleeces
clean and that is what hand spinners want.  A clean raw fleece.
Free of VM (had to explain that too!)

So if you are coming to the Great Lakes Fiber Show at the Wayne Co.
Fair Grounds here in Ohio on May 27th & 28th .  You will get to see some 
Awesomely clean raw fleeces for sale.

LoLa is still hanging in there.  Her due date is on the 22nd.  She looks like
she could go at any time.  Hopefully soon, I would like to be done 
with lambing. (note to self....after I've taken the breeding groups 
apart.   If a ewe comes back into heat...DO NOT put her in with 
a ram!  I don't want late lambs!) 
 Above, all the ewes and lambs out to graze for the evening.
LoLa on the left, expecting soon and Jasmine on the right...buddies.

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