Tuesday, May 23, 2017

#62 LoLa

 Lola delivered these twin ram lambs Monday evening all by herself.
Lola did wonderful, she is so calm and laid back.
These little guys are marked quite nice.
The lamb on the left is moorit, with spotting and eye patches.  The lamb on the right 
is katmoget with spotting and will most likely be fawn in color.
 Rear view....
What a cute face.
We are done lambing !!! So glad to be done.

We have had 24 ewes birth 42 lambs.  All births went well
and I must say this was one of the easiest years I've had with 
lambing.  No problems and everyone delivered on their own.
Out of 42 lambs we had 21 ewe and 21 ram lambs.
That was amazing....I didn't know this until I ran my tally.

I have 9 lambs that are Border Cheviot / Shetland crosses;
3 are ewes and 6 are rams.

I have 33 lambs that are Shetland;
18 ewes and 15 rams.

I do not know yet what will be available as far as lambs go.
I will have several ewes available when lambs are weaned.
If interested email me.

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