Tuesday, April 5, 2016

#59 Mia & #46 Amelia

 Above pic: the Dam is Mia, she is a triplett to Zoe who already lambed.  Mia was bred to Barqs, a gulmoget ram.  We were hoping for some gulmogets.  I think this little guy she delivered qualifies.
Mia delivered this lamb Monday evening.  She is a first time mom and was in labor while I was feeding last evening.  I penned her prior to delivery so she wouldn't be harassed by some of my pesky yearlings, who were just curious.
While trying to take some pics. under Mia's watchful eye...He appears to be fawn in color.
 With his head raised you can see his gulmoget stripe.
Above pic. is Amelia, she was bred to my CormoX ram.  She delivered two little ewes early Tuesday Morning.  When I went out at 6am they were well fed and resting.

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