Sunday, June 7, 2015

Post...Great Lakes Fiber Show

I apologize for such a delay in posting since the Great Lakes Fiber Show.  This year was even better than last.  Moving the fleece judging to friday evening made a longer day for us, but Saturday morning allowed fiber enthusiasts the opportunity to make their purchases earlier.  It worked out great and it was so nice to meet and talk to everyone.
The picture above is a favorite ewe "Butter Cup"....who never lets me fill the water tanks by myself she insists on being right there with me and if I'm not paying consistent attention by rubbing or scratching her she will paw at me to remind me that she needs my attention.  Behind her are two lambs taking refuge in the shade of a calf hutch, the middle lamb is a ewe with a very consistent fleece from front to back and the little white lamb in the rear is a scurred ram that we will be retaining in the flock.
It is quite difficult to take natural pictures of the flock when all they do is follow you...
This photo shows most of the adult ewes in the flock.  At this time the older lambs were penned up and being weaned.  I find this much easier on the ewes going into warmer weather.  They can put the weight back on their bodies rather than into milk for their babies...when their babies are old enough to eat grain, hay and grass.
A shot of the rams...who also follow along, making it difficult to take pictures.  We have eleven rams at this time.  Several are for sale, pictures will be posted along with descriptions of each.  We have been focusing on fine fleeces and moving toward polled.  If interested in some nice shetland rams, please send me an email we have them....remember, your rams is your most important investment to use on your ewes.  This will determine the direction you move toward with fleece it good or bad based on your focus.


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