Sunday, February 22, 2015

Artic Freeze hanging on...

This is the view from my front room.  It is always nice to see
all the wildlife everyday.

These pics. were taken a couple days ago when we had 
sub zero conditions.

 These last few days the deer and turkeys have stayed on this 
hill side, out of the winds.
I believe we have another week of cold temperatures
then hopefully we will be blessed with more spring-like

 Before this weather hit us I brought the little guys into the barn and set them up in a pen.
They had a shelter to get out of the elements, but it was so darn cold I couldn't leave them 
out there.  So I've had a chance to get a little closer to them recently and they are all nice.
These rams are for sale if anyone is interested.  The front (right) Katmoget scurred ram is grey.
To his left, a scurred fawn ram, his body type is longer.  To his left is a nice full horned ram that is spotted, brown and white spots, he has a smaller body type.  The furthest is a nice Katmoget scurred ram very dense fleece and nice body size.  Off to the right in the back is an emsket ram, he has full horns, but I think he is scurred as the horns do not feel solid.
I've held these guys back because I felt that they were the nicest of all the ram lambs that we had born in 2014. They all have nice fleeces and I will have their fleeces micron tested to have the scientific information to base what I call a nice fleece.  These rams are for sale if anyone is interested. 
Most of the girls have coats.  I hope to have some pretty clean fleeces this year.
We will be shearing March 16th & 17th this is a Monday and Tuesday.
If anyone is interested in a FARM FRESH fleece let me know.  We will sell raw fleeces the day of shearing
also have some roving available, natural colors and dyed.
If you would like to stop by and observe let me know, this is an experience that I 
think every spinner ought to experience.  It give you a better understanding of the whole process that goes into your final product.
Computer is working again, so hopefully I won't have such a span of time without posting.
That's all for today!

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