Saturday, November 8, 2014

What's New?! Coats!!

We have finally been able to get some coats for some of the girls.  These are a few of the lambs that I have coated so far.  Invested in the "Rocky Sheep Coats", they are quite nice.  Followed their site to measure my sheep, but I've found that my measurements didn't quite fit their measurement. 

 I found my measurement to be 2 inches too short.  But no harm done, I just had to put coats on sheep according to how they fit.  I will still need to order more coats, as the larger sheep need bigger coats and I don't know if these coats will make it until early March when we shear.
But I know I am excited that I will have much cleaner fleeces next year.....Yea!!

This group is set up in a temporary shelter and I haven't been able to get in with them to put on their coats.  As you can see that beautiful black horned ram in there.  This is my 'Whistlestop' ram, he has a great personality, but I don't want to get between him and his girls. 


  1. Love the Rocky suits, but like you, needed bigger than my measurements indicated.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Yes I LOVE the coats too! But no harm done, I will be able to use those smaller coats earlier in the year when the fleeces haven't grown out yet.