Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Seven Dwarfs.....I mean Rams!

These a some of the little guys that I've held back from our fall 2013 breeding season.  I feel we really have some nice quality rams and wanted to hang onto them to watch them develop and have a selection available to other breeders.
From left to right:  a nice scurred Katmoget emsket ram, very nice fleece, next a very nice wide horned spotted moorit & white ram, a medium fleece with a nice handle, with the sun shining on him his spots are not quite visible.  Then we have a very nice katmoget, grey in color with very small scurs and a fleece that looks better every day and dense.  The 4th one in is a scurred Katmoget ram whose color is of the moorit base but very light in color.  He has a very dense fleece and impresses me more every day.
The black & white horned ram will be wethered, he has a great personality and a beautiful sheen filled fleece.  He would make someone a great fiber friend.
The 6th ram in is a very nice scurred ram, katmoget fawn fleece with a very nice length and handle.
The 7th ram in 1yr. old, grey fleece, katmoget pattern with beautiful horns, nice & wide and a really respectful personality.
If interested in a future breeding ram send me an email for further information.

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