Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ram lambs # 108 & #125

 These two rams are both Grand Luxe offspring
on the left is #108, the right #125
108 has the katmoget pattern, with moorit based color.
125 has a moget pattern with the darker markings on the face and legs.  The pattern does not run down the neck, under the belly and up the backs of the legs.
 #108 was born April 2, 2014 he has a nice long appearance, his fleece has a very soft handle.  He has small scurs which shouldn't grow very much and a wonderful personality, very friendly, but respectful.
His Dam:  DLS Eve, Reg.# S35375 micron 26.4 Comfort Factor 81.7
His Sire: ShelteringPines Grand Luxe, Reg.# S34244 micron 24.9 Comfort Factor 92.4
 This is the crimp on his shoulder, click on the picture to biggify.
 This is the crimp on his rump.
 This is #125 he has a moget pattern. Born April 14, 2014.  His fleece color would be considered light grey.  He has very small scurs, just nubbins.
His Dam:  DLS Chloe Reg.# S35376 she is a light grey moget also.  Her micron 29.5 Comfort Factor 58.7
This ewe is one of a couple that I've kept in my flock and have bred to finer fleeced rams.  They have a wonderful handle to their fleeces, great sheen and nice length.  I am trying to incorporate their special traits along with finer fleeces.
His Sire:  ShelteringPines Grand Luxe Reg.# S34244 micron 24.9 Comfort Factor 92.4
 This rams fleece length is a shorter than #108, yet crimpy.
 This is the crimp at his rump.
These are two more to consider if you are looking for a breeding ram this fall.
I have two more special ones to show you hopefully tomorrow.

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