Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lazy Days; sleep, eat & grow

This is one of their favorite things to do, sleep.  A little milk, run around a little then sleep.
These lambs are a Shetland crossed with a Rideau Arcott Dairy Ram.  The one on the left and middle are twin ewes, both will be staying.  Ram lamb on the right, he will be going to market.
The white ones are the Crossbred lambs, in the middle, two shetland ewe lambs, one brown, one black, out of Ram; Bargs.

...more of the dairy cross lambs, notice the one lying at the far left.  That is Button!
He has grown so well and is vigorous.  I don't think he will grow to his full potential, but he is very healthy and gets right in there to eat.  He has a forever home waiting for him when he is weaned, one of my yearlings will go with him when he leaves.......well, you can't have just one, their a flock animal :)

 Two more shetland lambs, on the left a ewe that will be staying, ram on the right that will be going.
These are out of Ram, WS1107

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