Thursday, April 5, 2012

Meet Button

This is Button, he was born early Tuesday morning.  He was the last one born from a set of tripletts.  Thank goodness I checked on his Mom, Lialac every hour on the hour Monday evening.  She looked like she was miserable all day.  When I checked on everyone Monday morning at 5am she was the only one standing and she stood motionless, like she had found a comfortable position and didn't want to move. 11pm Monday evening she had started into labor, from then on I stayed in the barn to make sure she delivered ok.  Lialac was a trooper, she delivered all her lambs unassisted.  When Button came out I was amazed how small he was.  From the beginning he was quite vigirous, but I knew he couldn't compete with his siblings, they were double his size. 
I had bought colostrum and milk replacer "just in case".  I made up some colostrum milk and he took to it right away.  Since then we have been supplementing him, till Lialac's milk comes in to support all three lambs.

Red, our English Shepherd loves the babies, although the Mama's don't necessarily like him.  This picture shows Button's size a little better, compared to his big sister.

Not the best picture, but you can see all three of them together.
I finally weighed Button Wednesday evening, now mind you that he was born early Tuesday morning, about 1am and he has been drinking very well.  He weighs 2pounds 14oz. at approximately 40 hours old.
I don't think I've every seen a sheep this small.


  1. Button is really good expect when he slipped his halter once

    1. Hi!
      Glad to hear he is being good. He has quite the personality and I hope you enjoy him.