Sunday, April 17, 2011

Three deliveries in one night...

I've been checking on these girls for over a week, late in the evening then again early in the morning.
Well last night I didn't go out and check on them.  To my surprise, this morning all three of my ewes delivered twins...last night.

This is Lacy with ram and ewe lambs, both black like her.  Hope they keep their color.

Meet Galaxy, she gave us twin ewes.  She was bred to an HST ram.

sooo cute, they both have white spotting on their faces, my guess is that their color will change.  Can't wait to see.

This is Constance, with two lovely little moorit ewes.  The sire is Clyde, our moorit ram with a micron avg. of 24.6

Can't wait to see these girls develop, right now they are dark brown, but they both have sugar lips and one of them has white hairs in her ears.  My guess is that they will lighten up, but it doesn't matter.  I just love all those shades of brown.


  1. I can't believe they all lambed at once -- when you weren't watching! Ha; gotta love Shetlands.

  2. You will lots of spinning to do! Can't wait to see every one in person.

  3. So much better when they lamb and all is taken care of! I stress myself out too much when I am hanging around waiting around and watching for them to lamb! Very nice lambs Diane!