Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Meet "RED"

This is our new buddy, Red.  We went and picked him up Saturday, June 12th.  I am truely amazed at how well he listens.  His previous owner Cathy Stein from Blue Rock, Ohio did a wonderful job with him and all his litter mates. 
Red is an English Shepherd.  This breed was known originally as the "farm dog" or "farm collie", way back when there were many farms around and most had a dog, this was the type of dog that they had. 
To help with everyday jobs on the farm.  My plan for Red is to help me with the sheep, herding them.
So far he is interested in the sheep and just figuring things out.  He does get to stay in the house with us, as I think this will make him a better dog and listen better also.

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  1. He is sooooo cute! Don't work too hard this weekend, it's already hot this morning.