Sunday, June 25, 2017

Caring for the flock

This weekend has been busy separating lambs Saturday to be weaned 
in hopes of getting to our target weight so they can be sent to the sale.
Holding back a few that began to cough after having extreme fluctuating
temperatures and today.
Going out to the barn to find a ewe with bottle jaw.  Immediately upon finding 
this (she was fine yesterday!) I began treatment and examination of her and  
all the rest of the flock.
I always expect the parasite's to raise their ugly heads come July and into August.
This year it seems a little early though.

She is eating and doing well though and I am very optimistic that she will 
For those who have sheep or are new to sheep I have attached a link for more information
to learn about parasites
in sheep.


  1. Thanks for the link; it has some good information. Because of the foxtail, my sheep are not getting the pasture time they need and being kept in too concentrated an area. I know I need to worm some of them....

  2. Yes, sometimes just being observant to the flock you can catch things and correct them in time. As for my ewe she has already recovered in appearance. But will continue to keep them off the pasture until the meds. have had time to do it's job.