Saturday, March 12, 2016

Shearing Day, 2016

 We were blessed with wonderful weather on our Shearing Day.  Sardis of in the foreground shearing one of my Shetlands that were coated and Quentin in the background working on one of my two crossbred ewes.
 These young men are just great!  I've had them or other members of their team shear my sheep since 2009 and they are always so careful and accommodating with us and our sheep.
 This year I had two of the shetlands that we were able to roo. Above pic. shows Sartis roo-ing this ewe as she waits patiently.  I think she actually liked getting the wool off.
 Once all shearing was done.  I turned the ewes out to munch on some hay and you could just tell that they were glad to have their fleeces off.  We are having much warmer weather than normal and they are really enjoying it.
Now we are able to better see those baby bumps and will watch them grow rapidly these next few weeks.  The first calculated due dates that I witnessed should be April 5th.....but you never know
we'll just have to keep watching.

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