Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ewes & Rams for sale

 I've taken some pics. this evening of some of the ewes and rams that I have for sale.
Above 2yr. old light grey ewe, Lilly Reg. # S40816
 Ewe lamb out of Amelia Reg.# S40815 & Luxor #S36643
 Three ewe lambs.....couldn't read their tags to know for certain who they are.
 Above, ewe lamb.
 Ewe lamb, she is of the smaller type dainty shetland out of Chloe reg#S35376 & Evaristo reg.#S40822
 LoLa, yrlg ewe out of Butter Cup #S36680 & Grand Luxe reg.#S34244
 LoLa above.
 This is GRAND LUXE.  This is an amazing ram Reg.#S34244 he has a wonderful dense fleece.  At 5yrs. old he still maintains a micron ave. of 24.9 and comfort factor of 92.4%.  This ram has over 30 registered lambs to his credit....not yet counting the 2015 lamb crop.  Oh, and he is scurred too.
***Additional note; Grand Luxe is owned by Wee Middlebranch Farm, flock #2003 but he resides at my location.  Grand Luxe's fleece was the Grand Champion Fleece at the 2014 Great Lakes Sheep and Wool Festival in Wooster, Ohio out of over 80 fleeces.
 Ewe lamb above.
 Mateo, yearling ram reg# S41850 son of Grand Luxe, scurred fawn color.  Lamb micron 20.3 comfort factor 98.9%.  He has a nice dense fleece.
 Barqs, 5yr old polled ram, gulmoget pattern Reg.# S30879 his last micron was at 2yrs old, micron ave. 26.0 comfort factor 80.3%  Still a nice ram with a wonderful disposition.
Axel yrlg ram Katmoget, musket color Reg# S41851 he is scurred.  His dam is Whistlestop 1113 & sire, Grand Luxe.  He has a very dense fleece,lamb micron ave. 20.4, comfort factor 98.6%

These are a few of the sheep that could get pictures of, some of them just won't cooperate and others want to mug you. 

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