Monday, June 24, 2013

Booth at Lake Farm Park - Wool Fest

This was our booth at LAKE FARM PARK -Wool Fest.  Dave, Tammy and I decided to go together and share a space at this event.  We have quite an assortment of items to offer, from raw fleeces, roving, skeins of hand spun yarn, hats, scarfs, shawls, purses, ornaments and antler buttons.

We had great weather for this event and a super the end of a row at the entrance of the building so even though it was 80 plus degrees, we had a constant breeze.  It was nice to meet and talk to all the other fiber minded people.

I also had some time to use my drop spindle which I don't always use, but really enjoy it and should make more time for it. 

**note to others**  The drop spindle is an inexpensive way to get to spin wool if you cannot afford a spinning wheel.  Don't deprive yourself of getting to make your own yarn! 

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