Monday, July 30, 2012

Who's your Daddy???

Really??  We this was an unexpected delivery.  The black ewe is Angie, a 2yr old that I currently have for sale.  Sunday morning she appeared with this little guy by her side.  He is moorit (brown) with some possible gulmoget markings.  They both will be available for sale after weaning, approx. 6 weeks.
I am still scratching my brain trying to figure out when???  I have nine yearlings that I kept in a separate pen away from the barn, we didn't move them into the barn until we were ready to shear, the very beginning of March.  BINGO!! (#1,March, #2April, #3May, #4June & #5July).
.....yet.....everyone was in there own pens.....hmmm......
Now we wait to see if we will have anymore surprises.
......who said shetlands are seasonal breeders?


  1. The Winklers want the baby! Does he come with his own leash? :)

    1. He should! I'm sure you could convince your neighbors that he is a dog too.:)