Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shearing Day

In the early morning hours, the day of shearing we have captured everyone in the barn and squeezed them into a smaller area so the shearers can grab them easier.
This is just like Christmas Morning!
Can't wait to get those fleeces off the sheep to start sorting and skirting and washing....Yea!
They look so much smaller after shearing, Clyde (moorit) looks funny with that little body and big horns.
Mr.Mr. (white ram) his fleece is huge, I'm guess his fleece will weight 8lbs when it has been skirted.
I am thinking of entering both of their fleeces in the 
Great Lakes Fiber Show in Wooster, Ohio on May 26th & 27th, 2012.


This is Duroy (white ram) getting sheared.  I need to check his fleece, I am thinking of entering his fleece in the Great Lakes Fiber Show also.
The shearer commented that Duroy was a really nice ram.  Duroy is very blocky or square and has an exceptional fleece (in my opinion).

This year we had 60 sheep to shear and two llamas, so three shearers were sent to us.
It took 4 hours to shear everyone.
We had some much needed helpers to assist with holding gates, filling syringes to give shots, collecting fleeces in bags and sweeping up between sheep being sheared.
It was a good day in all.
I took two days off of my day job to be here for shearing and then skirting fleeces.
I didn't shear one sheep, but when I came into the house at 5pm I was exhausted.

Going out this morning to finish sorting, skirting my fleeces will weigh them also.
Today isn't going to be a good day, weather wise to start washing, but it will soon.
Hopefully next post will be of fleece stats.

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  1. This sheep "business" has turned into a real job. At least I know you enjoy the "fluffy" job better than your day job.