Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shields for two of the boys

I knew that when I put these guys back together that I would be trying a shield on the grey horned ram, Rambo.   After putting them all together, it worked so well on him that the moorit ram, Clyde had to have one too.  Cause he was getting pretty cocky with Rambo.  The light grey scurred / polled ram
is Mercury, he is a sweety.  The personality difference is amazing between him and the horned guys.  Their must be  a connection between horns vs. no horns and temperment.

As you can see they look pretty silly, but it works great.  I took a couple of my husbands old hats that he didn't wear anymore and cut them to wrap around the horns.  I duct taped the entire hat to make them more durable.  Then I also duct taped them around the horns.  They can see downward and to the sides.  When they did try to ram each other they look very clumsy, either missing each other completely or just side swiping each other.
As you can see I needed to try something to calm them a little from beating on my gates.  This poor gate has barely survived.  I have the panel portion tied with twine all the way around to the frame of the gate, they've bent the frame and broke the welds on the wire panel, separating it.  I am literally put together with twine.


  1. Great post! I also live in Ohio and happened upon your blog when I was looking at knitting blogs. So smart to get those boys to stop fighting by giving them those nifty hats. ;)

  2. It's kind of like the duct tape prom dress. These guys are steppin' out in style.