Shetland rams

Revised this page 10/2015.
Recently spent an afternoon using the NASSA Shetland Flock Assessment form to help in making some decisions about our rams.  We are getting ready to put our breeding groups together soon and will have some rams for sale.  More information will be added as time permits regarding the below pictures.
Apollo  ***SOLD***

Axel above and below. **Sold**

Grand Luxe above  **Sold**
Mateo  above and below  **Sold**

Grey Ram, Gwynaver Du Roy, retaining
for future use.
Above and below,
Super Fine Fleece

above and below

Tualatin  ***SOLD***
above and below
(bad light w/camera below)

Luxor, Scurred ***SOLD***
Super Fine Fleece
Royal White ***SOLD***
Fine Fleece

above and below
superfine fleece

Moorit Ram